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Care First

18 November 2021 (by admin)

The well-being of our community is a priority for all school leaders. Details of additional information and support for families can be found by clicking this news article.

We provide a support service for staff called Care First. Care First also publish a range of support articles:

Sleep & Anxiety - Tips to getting a good night's sleep

Tips for Improving Posture

Coping with Uncertainty during COVID-19.

Medway Food Partnership

Medway Council, local private and public organisations and charities are working together to ensure that the people in Medway have access to appropriate diets, reduce food insecurity and to address the root causes of people’s difficulties.

The Medway Food Partnership was launched in July 2020 and aims to promote healthier eating, provide sustainable access to healthy food, and to reduce food poverty across Medway

To find out more about the Medway Food Partnership, and to get involved, email