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The Westbrook Trust is made up of a community of schools that aim to ‘achieve together’. The Trust embraces the chance to bring like-minded schools into its community because we all benefit and learn from the  opportunities this brings.

The Westbrook Trust aims to achieve together by focusing on progress, performance, pedagogy, prospects and partnership. What this means in real terms is that everyone in The Westbrook Trust must try as hard as they can … to be the best that they can …in the best way that they can …to get where they want to be … with the help of and helping others.

The Trust believes that the teaching of reading and writing is central to all that it does. This is why we use Read, Write Inc.’ strategies and materials as the cornerstone that guides our work. We apply the RWI 5 P’s which should be evident in every lesson in school and they are: passion, participation, positivity, pace and purpose.

The Westbrook Trust News

  • The Trust - Overall, the Trust has secured grants in excess of £600,000 both for capital projects to improve school buildings and for school development work.
  • Brompton-Westbrook Primary School pupils also continued to achieve standards above both Medway and national averages. The school is a National Support School with a designation to help other schools to improve.
  • Byron Primary School joined the Trust when Ofsted had graded it ‘Special Measures’. Year 6 children have made very good progress and achieved above the Medway and national average in all areas.
  • St. Margaret’s Infant School embarked on its first full year with the Trust. Once again, the attainment of pupils was above the Medway average and the standards achieved nationally.
  • The Westbrook Trust has appointed a Chief Financial Officer. The CFO will work directly with the Chief Executive and the senior leadership team to help achieve the Trust’s educational and commercial goals.
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The Westbrook Trust is a successful Trust and proud of its reputation for working with and supporting other schools in order to improve pupil outcomes. Our success is due to our strong moral purpose and passion for 'achievement for all pupils'. We believe in building effective partnerships with a range of stakeholders to achieve this. Sharing and collaborating is an essential part of this Trust’s ethos. The Westbrook Trust has close links with The Medway Teaching Schools Alliance and staff play a key role in developing school-to-school support and training programmes with the Teaching School.

Thank you for taking the time to read the information on the website. Please follow the links to the individual academies and other information about The Westbrook Trust.


The Westbrook Trust is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, achieving equal opportunities and combating discrimination.