The Westbrook Trust


About us

The Westbrook Trust is a family of schools 'Achieving Together' for the best possible outcomes for all to improve their futures.  The Trust is based in Medway and has four schools within its family: Brompton-Westbrook Primary School, Byron Primary School, Oaklands Primary School and St. Margaret's Infant School.  The Westbrook Trust was formed in October 2015 when Brompton-Westbrook Primary School converted to become a sponsor academy.  The Trust works closely with its schools and other partners to 'achieve together'.


The Central Team consists of:

CEO - Mr Oliver Allen

Strategic Partner for Leadership Development - Mrs Susan Mason

Strategic Partner for Early Years - Mrs Paula Fewtrell

Strategic Partner for Early Reading - Mrs Louisa Jones

Strategic Partner for Assessment - Mr Jon Carthy

Chief Financial and Operations Officer - Mr Richard Warnham

Compliance Support & Data Protection Officer - Mrs Steph England

Business Apprentices - Miss Amna Abid and Miss Lucy Morgan-Brown

School to School Support Leaders

 The aims of the Centrally Funded School Improvement Team are to:

  • Meet the Trust’s overarching aims and values.
  • Deliver the Trust improvement plan objectives.
  • Provide accelerated school improvement to Byron.
  • Ensure short, medium and long-term financial viability.
  • Provide capacity for growth.
  • Support current school improvement needs whilst enabling flexibility to respond to changing needs.
  • Utilise internal expertise.
  • Use external experts for quality assurance.
  • Provide a depth and range of school improvement capacity.
  • Build further capacity through development opportunities for existing staff.
  • Achieve financial efficiencies through strategic planning.